Simon Turner, Head of Operations, Haymarket Media Group

Haymarket have worked with Opt-4 for a number of years, their guidance and specialist knowledge in Data Protection have been key components in building pragmatic policy for business benefit. Most recently Opt-4’s work with Haymarket on the General Data Protection Regulation has supported general improvements in data management. In our experience Opt-4 are a responsive partner who listen to client needs to support business goals, they also offer new thinking to help drive improvements.

Chief Compliance Officer of large, listed, multinational logistics company

I worked with Opt-4’s Simon Blanchard over an 18-month period at a critical time for the organisation as we prepared for GDPR coming into law. He provided a unique balance of specialist knowledge, experience, commercial pragmatism, ability to get along with all staff and get things done. Opt-4 come very highly recommended.

Michelle Warner, Head of Marketing, Goose Live Events

Goose Live Events has worked with Opt-4 to ensure that the systems, processes and policies in place to support protection of client and customer data, are fully compliant with all aspects of the changing data protection legislation. Opt-4 have provided us with great insight and support throughout our journey and continue to work alongside us to ensure that every business decision we make considers the protection of the data we hold and manage, at the same time as ensuring we retain our collaborative approach to creating and delivering the ultimate live corporate and consumer events. Their support has been, and continues to be, an invaluable resource for us to access.

Gerald Coppin, Group Data Protection Officer, Springer Nature

In the fast changing world of data protection the knowledge and abilities of the Opt-4 team has been invaluable in progressing understanding and the practical application of data protection across our organisation. Opt-4 took the time to understand our business and processes and supported us with timely advice and materials that were easily accessible to all levels and functions at Springer Nature. Client care is a top priority at Opt-4 from late notice requests for assistance to presentations to senior management. Rosemary, Jenny and the Team have provided trusted support and guidance for many years and their insight and experience is clearly evident in all of the projects they have assisted us with.

Patrick Knight, Head of Client Services, Jellyfish Connect

Opt-4 were of great assistance during our preparations for GDPR, providing support and guidance on policy, documentation and implementation. Both Phillippa and Simon were dedicated and thorough during a period when there was clearly a very significant (and understandable) demand for their time.  Their advice, to this day, has been extremely valuable.

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