Opt-4 is a professional data protection consultancy founded by Jenny Moseley and Rosemary Smith in 2004. Our aim is to work in partnership with clients to enable them to make the best decisions about their data which balance commercial imperatives with data compliance and best practice. We offer flexible tailored services to suit your specific business requirements.

What makes Opt-4 different is our business and commercial experience. Our consultants have many years of commercial experience and understand the pressures to deliver results. We appreciate the data challenges faced by modern businesses and strive to deliver pragmatic and effective data compliance solutions, based on our in-depth specialist knowledge.

We can help you to make the right decisions which are good for your customers and good for your business.

Let us help you to identify and plug your compliance gaps with realistic pragmatic solutions. Our strategic workshops will enable senior decision-makers to fully understand the impact of data protection laws on your business and prioritise any risks.
Our GDPR health check ensures you have effectively covered all your bases under data protection law. We understand the challenges and can help you to work out what needs tackling and how best to do it.
We are specialists in optimising permissions to fuel your data-driven marketing. We can help you ensure your marketing activities are effective and compliant under consent or legitimate interests.
We provide a simple and cost-effective eLearning solution for all those who process personal data. If you need something more bespoke, we offer in-house training tailored to your business sector or requirements. We can also help to develop and implement your privacy awareness programme.
We can help implement, develop and/or review your data protection impact assessments (DPIAs). Also, are your activities really legitimate? We can support and review required legitimate interests assessments.
We offer an ‘on-tap' data protection helpdesk service, compliance toolkits, RPA reviews and can help you to prepare for the potential impact of the new ePrivacy Regulation.

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