We advise on where legitimate interests may be appropriate and ensure the data you collect is compliant. We can also help you to optimise your permission rates!


We can answer your burning questions such as:

  • How can we replenish our customer database post GDPR?
  • Should we be thinking about using Legitimate Interest as the lawful basis for communicating with our customers and prospects?
  • What’s the best strategy to grow data collection across the various customer touchpoints?
  • How can we improve our permission rates for email, phone & postal marketing?
  • Post GDPR, should we be using third party suppliers to provide lead generation for the business?

PermissionMax – a unique research tool developed by Opt-4 and DQM GRC.

Collecting valid permission to market to your customers is not only a legal necessity but also a commercial imperative. If you are experiencing low permission rates at sign up, your data collection wording is not doing the job. You also need to ensure your permission statements meet GDPR requirements.

PermissionMax allows you to test variations so that you can optimise permission rates and understand the impact of different wording, consent mechanisms and channel preferences.

Our online research panel will provide essential feedback on whether your wording hits the mark and demonstrates clear and compelling reasons to share data. Your bespoke PermissionMax results report and dashboard will provide quantitative results, qualitative findings and recommendations.