Find out key areas where you may be at risk of non-compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We can broadly assess whether you are meeting key requirements or ca undertake a more in-depth audit.
Discover areas where you may be a risk with our bespoke Health Checks. We can identify vital areas and highlight potential issues. Is personal data collected compliantly, is your Privacy Policy fit for purpose, what internal policies and procedures are you lacking?
Get “on-tap” advice from Opt-4’s consultants with this invaluable flexible subscription service. You can use this service to get quick answers to data protection issues as they arise and to check the compliance of contracts, policies or procedures.
As consumer rights and expectations grow the risk of ‘getting it wrong’ increase. Data breaches and the ensuring reputational damage to brands is daily news and being prepared has never been more important. This is an area where Opt-4 can help.
Ensuring staff, who handle personal data, understand how to apply data protection legislation is crucial. Our tailored in-house training programmes/workshops will clearly explain the relevant law and provide practical recommendations.
Test different permission statements with this unique research tool developed by Opt-4 and DQM GRC. Find out the potential impact of different wording with invaluable qualitative and quantitative feedback.
Opt-4 founded the Data Protection Network in 2014 to provide opinion, analysis and practical resources for both data protection specialists and non-experts. The DPN has been at the forefront of producing industry GDPR guidance.